Monday, October 31, 2011

teensy copper range hood, for miniature kitchen smoke

I haven't worked with sheet-type metal since 'metal shop' in middle school. And I certainly don't have the right tools for it. But mind over matter, bite-the-bullet, I want a range hood! As usual, I go to my graph paper because mathematically, this one's a doozie (it looks worse than it was). I always try to get my projects to a place where they should work 'in theory' before I start experimenting with expensive supplies. I made a pattern, turned paper mock-up. It came out great, which means mad props to my high school geometry teacher.

 But paper's pretty forgiving, it bends/moves without leaving a semi-permanent scar. So I graduated to cardboard. It's rigid and shows mistakes. Perfect for the dress rehearsal. I refined my pattern to three pieces and got the model made up. It too, looked awesome. But who wants a cardboard range hood?!

Phases 1 and 2

 It sat in my studio, looking awesome and soaking up my pride for about 2 weeks. Then, the only thing left to do, was (gasp) grow a pair. I had to make myself start bending and cutting this stuff:

I was very nervous. I went about it in a systematic way and I found a method to correct minor flaws. This copper is 36 gauge, which is metal-speak for 'thicker than aluminum foil' but 'thinner than posterboard'. It's about the same as cardstock. I guess.

I only messed up one piece beyond repair, so I had to make another exhaust duct. Otherwise, I'm pretty impressed with my learning curve.


All that's left on this project is to make the flange that mounts it to the ceiling. And keep this thing safe from all of my crazy misfit animals.


  1. wow! I have a wood burning range and only have to make the stove pipe. I do have a small bit of metal to use but haven't started it yet. still have to paint the walls and put in the floors.

  2. That is exceedingly clever, well done you!

  3. Shazam indeed! That hood is fab!! Go geometry. That is seriously impressive for your first go. I hope to grow a pair to try to make the Pinch of Pepper ModFire:

    Love your blog!

    1. What a riot! I have plans to make that in brass! Pepper's is one of my top five mini blogs (along with yours, naturally).

      And thank you, again :D

  4. this is soooo cool! thank you for this great tutorial :)

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks! I was kind of winging-it there and experimenting with metal work, but the results were worth the time invested. The semi finished kitchen, with hood installed is here:

      and here:

      Oh yeah, I checked you out! You're not so bad yourself :)
      My fave is #24. Curves are hot.

  6. Wow!! This is amazing to look at and so creative. I'm really impressive. Without the right tools you have done a great job. However it is too small but it is a great idea to make a range hood. Thank you for this great idea.

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