Tuesday, November 1, 2011

lay lady, lay. lay across my big (little) brass bed.

Technically, it's not a brass bed. But I couldn't decide if I wanted a brass bed, or a four-poster. Guess what, kids?! You CAN have it all. And I choose both. So here's a new version of an old scene. I wasn't going to put all of the pieces together until I finished the headboard, but I couldn't visualize the brass/trim design without seeing the big picture.

I tried laying out some trim options, but still couldn't manifest a decision. Usually it's easy for me to get a mental picture, then execute it. Not that day.  So I started hammering the brass for the back panel instead. It's totally gorge.

Then I layed out the main trim again, and experimented with my X's. I wanted to bring the detail from the canopy down to the headboard. I thought about having 3 X's across the back, but realized that it might be too busybusy. Sometimes less really is more. I'm digging the double X. I think.

Then I decided to glue in the brass panel, because it wouldn't hold still when I was dry-fitting the trim. Hammered brass doesn't lay flat, and I sure wasn't going to hold pressure manually for the 24-hour cure time on that adhesive. None of my 16-or-so clamps were going to fit right. So I made a pig-pile of all the smallest, heaviest crap that I could round up. Say a few Hail Mary's for this one.

Holy crap, it worked! Got the basic trim on, painted it, then fit the X detail and added some nailhead detail on the corners of the canopy.

Measure twice, cut once. Dry-fit twice, glue once. Words to live by. Tell your friends.


Nevermind the flat-rate floors. I put it in a box for pics because the lighting is terrible inside the 'house'. That awesome mirror is made of toothpicks and some of the same brass from the headboard. All that's left is to sort out a mattress and the bed linen. I wasn't able to go to the fabric store last weekend because there wasn't a store within 30 miles that had electricity. I love New England. That is all.



  1. Far out, this is one GLAM doll house! I ADORE the sunburst mirror. It's amazing the heights to which toothpicks can be sent by someones imagination!

  2. "I made a pig-pile of all the smallest, heaviest crap that I could round up. Say a few Hail Mary's for this one." You totally crack me up.

    "Dry-fit twice" D'oh! That's what I've been doing wrong. Bed and headboard are gorgeous and they look fab with the wallpaper and cool mirror. Awe inspiring job!

  3. I love this bed! Can you sell me the plans? I'd like to try to make this one myself. It is awesome! Simply awesome!

    1. Hey there! Well, I'd love to sell you some plans, only I didn't make any :(


      Let me see what I can do, and I'll get back to you?