Monday, May 6, 2013

Undersized Urbanite: Rock the vote!!

Hey everyone, the Urbanite deadline has come and gone, and the results are tantalizing!

If you haven't seen the work, you might want to make some time to wander through these places, and then, you even get to vote for your three favorites!

Sorry no pictures today, still in Albuquerque, but heading for the airport shortly. I'll do a blurb about the workshop I just attended this week once I'm home.

If you didn't catch my full Urbanite submission post you can link to it above, scroll down, or click here.

Thank for swinging by, y'all are the best!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Undersized Urbanite 2013: Contest Submission

Oh hey, there you are!
You've probably heard of the Undersized Urbanite Challenge if you're reading this post. You've come to the right place. If you'd like an explanation of my project objectives, along with empty promises of design features that didn't materialize, look here. Without further ado, here's what I threw together:

 The whole enchilada. This would be a good one to click and view larger.

Before I crammed all of the 'stuff' in there, you could see the ceiling and flooring clearly.
Here's what that looks like:

  I wanted cheap but realistic flooring. Lots of old mill buildings have these amazing wide-plank floors. I chose some 3/4" x 1/16" x 24" cedar, hand-picked the grain on every piece. A slick of tung-oil lends a low-luster natural finish. It's my favorite finish for any wood with decent looking grain.
More often, I thin it with citrus solvent for the first few coats, but this time... ain't nobody got time for that shit.

I like these white and grey bricks a bunch. Been dying to put them somewhere, I had originally talked about doing a wall treatment in the dollhouse kitchen during the I'm a Giant days. Then I changed my mind:

"I'd really prefer something pre-mounted on mesh instead of laying over 1,200 teensy bricks individually. Since there's a deadline looming and all."

Oh hindsight... you get me every time.
I glued each and every one of those damned things separately. I'm clearly a sucker for punishment.

 The ceiling, I did in copper tiles (spray-painted corrugated scrapbook paper). With awesome I-beams.

  The vintage TOMY kitchen is a win. Slightly smaller than 1:12, so it makes a delightful apartment-scale setup. The deer-head was one of a few swap items from Modern Mini Houses that you'll see in here. Also from her: the cactus on the table, the bedroom side table, the living room bookcase, most of the books and throw pillows, and a few other items... she spoiled me. Rotten.

He so fine.

The stools seats are drawer pulls and pipe fittings. I hate the word 'stool'. I'll let you imagine why.



 The lucite platform was an awesome impulse decision. Now that I have an appropriate table saw and I don't have to use the plexi-knife, you'll see more.

 The garment rack kills me. It was a shockingly quick scrap build, stuff I had laying around (the woods are yellowheart and walnut). I'm just bummed I didn't have tiny shoes for the holder at the bottom. Look at those tiny brass casters!! Straight-up tung oil on that, too. Whatever was left on the rag from the flooring.

 It's always 7:20. Clock must be busted. Shitty.

 This killer silk bedspread is a men's tie I thrifted for $1. Boom.

 I resurrected this chandie from the pile where 'I'm A Giant' projects went to die. 
Good save.

Of course the lights work. Electricity is my favorite thing.

 Hey, look. It's my back porch. The only way to get daylight pictures at my house. Sorry.
Not that the trees are a realistic background for a city loft anyway. No trees grow in Brooklyn. Myth. I've been there. It's only potholes and misery.

 Outside looking in.




 It's not a city apartment without a bike hanging on the wall. That one was a prize at Dave & Busters...
Shocks. Pegs. Lucky.


 The bricks set up most of the color story for the room. Whites, blacks/greys, dusty blues, and reds/terra cottas. I found an (unsoiled) rug which really ties the room together.

 There are tons of things I would have done differently if I'd had the time. But I didn't, so I'm not going to tell you all of the things that could have been better. 

I had to finish my submission early, because I'm totally gearing up for priority number one. My new workshop. Currently stationed in Albuquerque on Route 66 for Vintage Trailer Academy! I got to put this post together from a '69 Airstream Overlander we're renting since mine's not road-worthy. Yet. Blogging in style, I suppose. Or as stupid hipsters call it... 'glamping'.

Note the tumbleweed. I love the southwest.

Spring is here and it's finally warm enough to install my fancy new windows and start tearing that trailer apart. I'm pumped. You can bet I'll be showing you all of that carnage. Here I am bucking rivets. It's a start.

Thanks for checking out my stuff, and major kudos to all of the Undersized Urbanite participants. They've all done an incredible job! Can't wait to see the finished projects and vote for my favorites!