Monday, May 6, 2013

Undersized Urbanite: Rock the vote!!

Hey everyone, the Urbanite deadline has come and gone, and the results are tantalizing!

If you haven't seen the work, you might want to make some time to wander through these places, and then, you even get to vote for your three favorites!

Sorry no pictures today, still in Albuquerque, but heading for the airport shortly. I'll do a blurb about the workshop I just attended this week once I'm home.

If you didn't catch my full Urbanite submission post you can link to it above, scroll down, or click here.

Thank for swinging by, y'all are the best!


  1. Replies
    1. Why, thank you very much! I knew I liked you :)

  2. This made me think of you. Maybe a little inspiration for your makeover.

    Miss ya!

  3. Rats, I'm guessing there is no surprise 2014 entry for you this year? Miss ya, hope life is treating you well.

  4. Just spent an afternoon re-reading your posts and thinking how grey it is in blogland without your humour filled posts. Hope you are okay and having a ball somewhere =0)