Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cubebot Challenge

Ugh. I don't know if I made the deadline. I hope so, fingers crossed.
But since I slaved to finish the roombox in time for this, then spent all day installing this scene I'll show you some pictures of what I did with the micro cubebots from Call of the Small's Cubebot Challenge.

These things are versatile. Especially as furniture:

And the zoom out:

The art? Oh yeah. What would a home be without a cheesy family photo mural?
These guys had a session at Picture People. With the new little one. Awww...
(These aren't so easy to manipulate into human poses being as *ahem* boxy as they are)

Don't judge a bad hair day unless you've never had one.

I had fun, I hope I submitted on time and it gets counted. (The attachments took a million years to load, and I hit 'send' at exactly midnight. I know because that's when I turn into a pumpkin.) 
If not, it'll be another notch in my "I'm a Giant" belt.

Time to go clean up from the 'challenge cyclone'.