Thursday, November 17, 2011

mini mirrored nightstands

Here you go, Christina! I'm pretty happy with how these came out. They're almost done. They're made of 1/8" and 1/16" basswood panels/stripwood, eight 1" square craft mirrors, a couple different adhesives, and paint. They measure about 3" tall, 2 3/4" wide, and 1 1/8" deep. All that's left is to paper the insides, and add pulls to the doors. I wish the paint was a little golder. I mixed the color myself, so I guess I can't blame the dog. I just added the feet tonight. I couldn't decide between faceted glass beads or tapered wood feet. Ultimately I went with the taper because everything else in that room is pretty busy. Of course I picked the harder option. Sucker for punishment. I'll probably do crystal knobs for the doors. Since I hinged them (invisibly) to open and close. Here's the abbreviated photo montage. Que music... Eye of the Tiger, by Survivor. Obviously). Also, sorry about the layout of the pics. I'm blog-challenged (read: inept).

Adding the final hinge-pin. It was a happy moment.

I'm not sure I love them with the bed, but I'm trying to reserve judgement until I wallpaper and get the floors refinished. And make bedding.

I bought a pair of these amazing brass beads. They're going to be lamps. I'm totally pumped.

Yup. Those mirrors fit snugly inside the frame. No glue necessary. Shelves are removable. I'll be papering the inside back panel and doors to make it look cleaner.


I did not appreciate having to clean my fingerprints off the mirrors with a windex-soaked q-tip. Almost as tedious as mitering all that basswood. Those little squares on each mirror measure 1/2" across. There's 8 of them. Which means 32 tiny 1/2" mitered sticks. Plus the 32 1/4"-long trim pieces that hold it in the frame. Won't do that again. Unless someone pays me.


  1. my chin has grazed the floor, they are amazing!

  2. Thanks! Those are so cool. Makes everything in my dollhouse look like lumbering pieces of crap.
    You really should open an Etsy shop or something.

  3. WWOWW, I'm beyond impressed. You are so talented. I have been discovering so many creative people since joining the dollhouse challenge. Take a peek at my start at I'm just so stunned with your mastery of the tiniest details. Just amazing. How far are you from New York City? I live in the Bronx.
    Happy Thanksgiving from New York City,

  4. OMG those are ridiculous. So much work, but so much beauty. Great job!!