Wednesday, October 19, 2011

i call it sentimental

I have four rooms worth of 1:12 furniture and accessories. I've kept all this stuff for almost 20 years, despite not owning a dollhouse. I think I was holdiong onto all of it thinking I would find and eventually complete my Glencroft. Pssh, whatever. I call it sentimental, you might call it an unhealthy emotional attachment. My brother labelled me a pack-rat around age 6 or 7. Guess he was right. At least I haven't made it to an episode of Hoarders.

All of this stuff is pretty country/granny, you know, normal dollhouse stuff. I'm glad I saved it, because this stuff would most likely cost a couple of hundred bucks to replace. Can I use all of it? Nope. Can I turn most of it into cool, chic, modern stuff? Probably. The way I picture things is rarely how the final result looks. And usually for the worse. We'll see how it all comes out.
I've made a couple of things from scratch, and so far I'm in love with them.
First there's the wire hangers:

Then the chandelier:

Just gotta wire it to light up, and make coordinating pendant fixtures.

Then there's the old stuff I need to inject some life into. I've got a guy cutting me some real granite countertops (pretty much made of labradorite, makes my heart skip a beat) to go on this kitchen island. It originally was all white, all wood, with some brass hardware on the doors:

I'm going to keep the range where it is in the island and turn the standalone stove into a dishwasher.  I took off all of the hardware. Probably going to reuse it because it's not entirely offensive. And it's not easy to find attractive miniature drawer pulls. I also removed the doors for neatness' sake so it doesn't look like I finger-painted the thing. I think a coat of glossy black makes almost any furniture look better instantly. This island will (hopefully) be a showpiece. I've got a bitchin' copper range hood in the works and it's going to look ridiculous with the matching pot rack. And some cool pendants.

The fridge is a pretty sorry fridge.

No offense to China or anything. But only one door for fridge AND freezer, three wood shelves and that tiny handle? Lame. It's got good bones though, and I'm going to use 'em. I want this thing to be a replica of my fridge...

No pressure.


  1. 'large and in charge' I like it!!!
    I am in awe of your chandelier, and your ideas in general as I can see you are definatly going to be able to pull them off-wow!

  2. Thanks! (Just figured out why I couldn't comment on my own posts, I've been frustrated for days about it!)

  3. Wow, very cool that you kept your old stuff and are revamping it into a new generation. I have the house my mom built for me as a kid with all of the county/granny fixens collecting dust in the garage. I hope to return to it, but have other projects on the front burners for now. Your blog is really inspiring me to dust and get back to it though.