Tuesday, October 25, 2011

tiny jackpot

I wasn't nearly as productive as I would have preferred this weekend, but I made a little progress. Since I need to wait to do walls/ceilings until I electrify, I've been plugging away at small projects (mostly furniture construction). That hasn't stopped me from purcasing wall coverings. I found the sexiest bedroom wallpaper for the master. The pics aren't as amazing as in person, since the gold is sparkly. I think I like it better with the stripes vertical, but I can't decide. Thoughts? Also, You can see the king size four-poster bed that's under
 construction. It's shaping up to be very sleek and tailored with the tapered legs and all. The headboard is keeping me from finishing, there's a conflict in the design department. I think it will be panelled with some brass accents. The bed will be stained/painted to look like ebony.


I found my cork!! These are rolls of 1/8" thick gasket cork from the automotive aisle . I'm going to stain/glaze it up in a couple of colors and do an awesome (I hope) inlay throughout the entire first level. I'm both excited and terrified to see how that plays out. Also, you can see a roll of copper that will become the kitchen range hood.

The easel is for the nursery, the stickers were priced unreasonably cheap, and they looked like brass nailheads without the hassle of actually having to nail them in. Score.

This lovely houndstooth ladies' sportcoat from Goodwill is going to upholster my living room set.

The green paper will be the nursery ceiling, I'll make coordinating area rugs out of the quilted pink paper.

My oven-to-dishwasher conversion is awesome. My little plates and cups fit in the rack which slides in and out of the grooves. The wierd blank spot is for the silverware caddy. Not done yet.

I've been fooling around with the space planning in the kitchen. I'm having a tough time. I love the first layout because you can see the detail in the appliances, the downside is that the banquette blocks some of the view. 
I wish this wasn't so dark. Sorry.

The second option is here. Thoughts anyone?

Below are a few other items I picked up this weekend. The mini brass jorgensen-style, corner, and C-clamps all came from my Late-Grandfather-In-Law's (basically abandoned) woodworking shop. He was an expert carver, and there's a whole shop worth of stuff nobody ever looks at. It's an awesome resource. The little round bamboo box and the lace trim are from the local Savers. Only $3 for both. The box is already lined, and I think it will make a great coffee table/storage ottoman. The lace trim will make perfect bedskirts for the nursery. The yellow rolls are copper/brass embossing foil. And LOADS of it! I'm beyond pumped.

 And here is how my studio looks at any given moment. And that's only the half of it. It looks like a craft store threw up and died. There are generally at least three (dollhouse related) projects happening simultaneously.


  1. The dishwasher, wow, loving the attention to detail, did you bend the rack wire yourself?
    embossing foils? never heard of them, could do with some tho, off to hunt, thanks :0)

  2. Thank you! And yeah, spent a couple of hours bending and hammering wire so that the whole thing would fit in the grooves left from the wooden oven shelf. I'm sure that I could be spending my time in a more productive way.
    The embossing foil is like really thin sheet metal, but much thicker than leafing foil. Mine's 36 gauge (I think) , and I have unreasonable amounts in brass and copper. I could send you some?

  3. I can't wait to see your upholstery job :)

  4. We got the same living room furniture! Great choice for new upholstery, I haven't gone shopping for mine yet. Can't wait to see yours done. That glue is a bear to get off, let me know if you figure out any tricks.

  5. I love the layout you went with for the kitchen. Very cool seeing all of the behind the scenes where the magic happens. :D