Friday, October 21, 2011

smaller than your average mini-fridge

Pretty excited about this project. Got quite a few hours into it so far. Mostly waiting for paint to dry.

Here's what I started with:

Here's what I want it to look like in the end:

Thanks, flash. Never saw the dents in the freezer before.

Here's the play-by-play:
Removed all hardware. Broke out the pliers and pulled the shelves out (they had been glued).
Marked where to move door hinge, marked where to cut door into two pieces

Patched where the bottom hinge had been, notched out where the new one would go. Painted the inside blue. It definitely makes it look colder in there.
Painted the outside and doors silver.

Put the old hinges in the new spots. It's shinier in person. Good camera, inept operator. And it was about 10 pm. Way past my bedtime.
Not too shabby.
Cut up the old fridge shelves to make the body of the freezer drawer.
It took a lot of brainstorming to figure out what I could use to make the door shelves. I mean, what self-respecting fridge doesn't have a place to put milk in the door? These are going to be the perfect size once I cut them up. It's packaging from a product we use at work.

Trial and error with the exacto knife.

Bent some 18g wire and punched a couple of pilot holes in the door...

And shaZAM! Plenty of room for milk and condiments. (and beer, since I'm obviously a fan)

So there it is. I just need to find something to make two little crisper drawers on the bottom shelf, and since I'm always getting in over my head, I'm hoping to make it light up. And I've got to sort out handles for the doors:

I'm pretty satisfied with how this came out. China made it, but I made it better. Once Icomplete the final details I'll show some pics. Other projects are backing up, so I've got to put this away until the crisper drawers find me.


  1. wow! Such attention to detail! it's wonderful!

  2. Fantastic job. Thanks for the step by step tutorial.

  3. bwah ha ha... you crack me up! I started reading your last post it came up in a search cos I want to do lighting for a 1:6 scale project, now I am reading your entire blog. (just so you know pretty sure I am quite far away so need to worry about stalking) :D