Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'm a Giant: Open House!

Here we are on February 1st, the second go-around for a dollhouse deadline. I'm not really done, I'm just done-enough. Since I've only seen two other dollhouse related posts today, I'm going to assume I have plenty of time to continue working. But I won't. At least, not at the pace I've sustained since October. I have so many projects planned/designed I'm afraid this dollhouse will never be complete, it will simply evolve. My official Challenge submission includes 5 out of the 6 total rooms: the kitchen, living room, bathroom, master bedroom, and a little girl's room. Tonight I will post mostly pictures, and save the play-by-play for this weekend including breakdowns of what I made, what I purchased pre-made, how much I spent (oh. my. God.), and a very rough estimate of how much time was invested (and maybe, just maybe, I'll take some daylight photos. I think it would a good idea). I'm very proud of the work I've done, as this is technically my first dollhouse/experiment in miniature-making and I'm not a real designer/interior decorator (be gentle in your critiques, I beg you). My photos have somewhat improved since I grew a pair, and blindly played with my settings instead of trusting 'auto'. My lighting, however, hasn't. I'm still doing all of my work at night (I have one of those pesky 9-5's) and I still work in a 10'x10' cubicle of a room with one boob-light on the ceiling. Anyways, now that I'm all done bitching making excuses, it's time for the slideshow.

Kitchen: (not too many changes here since December 15)

 Bummed I didn't notice the lower oven was open. But it doesn't matter, those countertops kick so much ass.
 Window treatments are new.

 The kitchen cabinetry is still on the to-do list.

Bathroom: (still needs curtains/blinds and art on the damned walls. Bah! It looks so unfinished.
 All of the bathroom fixtures are smaller than 1:12. I wasn't about to go buying a new set.

 I love the 'teak' bath mat.
 Eventually there will be little towels rolled up spa-style on this wire rack.
 Thrilled with the sconces.

Living Room: (good riddance crazy-lady-wallpaper)

 My coffee table still needs the wheels on the ends, they'll find me eventually.
 Mom made me some pillows!

Master Bedroom: (not many changes here either)

 I threw together a quick roman shade, then didn't make a proper rod for it. It's currently taped to the window frame. Again, eventually.
And Mom made the bedding/pillows here, too! Adorable (both my mom, and the bedding).

Kids' Room: (aka: sensory overload. I don't know any little girls that wouldn't sell their soul for a crazy room like this)

 The bed has claw feet. (Aluminum and Swarovski crystal)

 I made a new ceiling light for this room. The other one obstructed the view of the treehouse, so I decided to come up with something that wouldn't be so distracting. It is incredible. Every one of those handblown glass globes has an individual bulb of its own. I don't know how to take a great picture that shows the detail when it is turned on. I was so nervous, I felt like a neurosurgeon when I wired it.
 Dude. Seriously.

 I took out the slide so y'all could see the hideaway sleeping area. That loft comes apart (and goes back together) in over a dozen pieces. No glue. And it packs so flat that IKEA could sell it. So much planning.
 I want to build a swing like that in real-life size.

So anyways. There it is. I'm totally spent, and signing off. Stay tuned this weekend for more pictures, commentary, and possibly some how-to's/mini-tutorials. Thanks for looking! I'm glad you're here!

And be sure to check out all of these other amazing participants listed here. I am in awe!


  1. Incredible stuff, you are a doll housing genius! The kids bedroom is incredible, I really, REALLY want, and need, a indoor slide like that from my bed. I'm putting together my pictures to post tomorrow, slightly cowed to be in such clever, clever company x
    ps tutorials? Yahoo!

  2. holy smokes!!!!!! totally amazing!!! i don't even know where to begin! in awe and a little embarassed - mine is so not as cool.


  3. This is wonderful! I guess I should put mine together to show on the weekend. But I have no amazing countertops!

  4. Everything is stunning. I really can't get over the girls bedroom though. I want to live in it. Wow.

  5. I love your lighting. i hope you post some tutorials soon because I found that part difficult. Great attention to detail, it really shows how hard you worked!

  6. WOW!!! This is amazing. You really have a talent for this. You also crack me up! I'd love to know how you made the lighting!

  7. Absolutely genius. You have found a calling!