Sunday, February 5, 2012

I'm a Giant (liar)

I know I said I would post new pics/commentary/tutorials this weekend. For those of you who care, I'm a New-Englander. So you know what this weekend is about for me. If you don't, I pity you. I'm not a complete liar, I did take some daylight pics of the dollhouse, I completed a couple additional projects (overestimation. exact count: 1.5 projects, both electrical, you'll see). I will give additional commentary, as promised (I'm a loudmouth, it's unavoidable). But the tutorials? Not this weekend. Sorry dudes. I did decide what one of them will be though: I'll show you how to make my grommeted (sp?) curtains and curtain rods with changeable finials. I'll also show how to wire a simple lamp, too. Easy peasy.

Ok. Lets get to the eye-candy. I've had a request for the zoom-out-total-dollhouse view.


Kids' room:

 Almost everything in this room is homemade by me. The only store bought items are: the stick pony, the cow puzzle, the worry dolls, pewter zebra (in loft), stuffed jointed elephant, and the blue book. Any vases you see are beads that I may have had on hand, or bought specifically to be vases in this dollhouse. Everything else (and I mean everything) was designed and built by me (although my mom did help sew some pillows, because she's the bomb).
 The 'roots' of the tree grow down the birch trunk. Hard to see in pics, but looks cool in person.
 In life-size, this would need to be recalled for safety issues. But in 1:12, the railings pivot and swing out so you don't bust them trying to place throw pillows. Even so, I still needed to use tweezers to get them where I wanted. I have big clumsy man-hands like you read about. And there's only 3.5" of wiggle room up there.
 That frame is from the dollar section at Michael's.
 Honeymoon champagne cork as a side table. My husband thinks that if I save shit like that, I should find a way to make it useful. He's exactly not the sentimental type. Obviously.
 The bolster is awesome. The twin bed has claw feet. Zoom if you don't believe me.
 Hard to tell in pictures, but the slide is aluminum. Not just silver paint, y'all. I've sent a few toys down it, since I'm too big. It looks fun for sure.
 I wanted to better show the detail in the cluster light. It may be my favorite thing that I've made.

Master Bedroom:
The only things in this room that I didn't design/make are the barcelona chair ($25, Reac) and the brass clock on the side table. Mom did all of the bedding and pillows for me, as time was running short (as if the deadline mattered, silly me) and she is kick-ass with a needle and thread. She's kick-ass even when she's not sewing.
The tripod lamp still needs a shade. It's going to be a short-fat drum shade. Maybe parchment, maybe brass. I dunno yet. I'm just glad I got it to this point. I've been avoiding this project because the smell of epoxy makes me want to vom.
Mom suggested a roman shade, and I think she was right (as usual). There will be a cornice box and real rod eventually. As of now, it is masking taped to the window frame. Sorry to spoil any magic.

The walls desperately need art. I think these Egyptian stamps will look really cool once I frame 'em. Eventually.
I had to rig something to hold this whilst it cured. Partially because of my aversion to epoxy, partially because my cat was being a pain in the A. This is the 0.5 of the 1.5 projects I did this weekend.

Living Room:

 This room has no changes, just daylight pictures. I have plans (and wood) to build a white lacquer/walnut credenza, and another chair. I have another accent light feature in the works (the miniature store only had 8 of the 12 bulbs necessary) it's 1/3 of the way done, but will be totally bitchin' when completed.
 I need better artwork than a Captain Morgan Silver box fragment. Or I need to frame it. I didn't feel like painting any strip wood, but this will have a black frame if it stays on this wall (or in the dollhouse. period).
This is really pretty sari fabric. I love it.


So here's the other project I did. Finally, a ceiling fixture for the bathroom. I'm pretty happy with this one. The wires are more exposed than I prefer, but you can't win 'em all. Not bad for something I whipped together in about 30 minutes.

The bathroom still needs art and proper accessorizing. I'd like to roll up some towels spa-style on the wire shelving, too.


So, again, not many changes here. Just daylight pics and a few more accessories. I added the mirrors over the banquette. Those are the cheapest, easiest things ever. No tutorial necessary. Simply 1' craft mirrors (available by the dozen at any craft store) and rubber O-rings taken from my husband's toolbox. Shazam.
 The artwork is another postage stamp. I love the quote (Benjamin Franklin). Politicians aren't what they used to be. To correct myself, I don't think that the word 'politician' should be used in any sentence describing any of the founding-fathers. Off soapbox.
 Eduardo (the bird) is in the kitchen because the study/piano-room is under construction.
 From the side window looking in.
I love this area. Everything except for the fruit bowl and its contents are home-made.
 That's why I take so many pictures of it.
The island, fridge, and dishwasher are upcycled from cheap-n-cheezey made-in-China stuff. Except for little knick-knacks/accessories, everything is home-made.

Study/Piano Room:

Though this isn't part of my challenge submission, I still think it deserves honorable mention. I put quite a few hours of work into it, even if it doesn't show. The giant window in the back? Wasn't there when I got the house. Trim, flooring and electrical are new, too. The ceiling is wired for a chandelier, ready to plug right in.

So there. I'm taking some time off. Probably a week. Then some mini tutorials. If there's anything specific you'd like to know how to make, lemme know. I may be able to accommodate. However, I am planning on doing some R&D on certain items (mostly lighting, some furniture), then making stock to sell in my Etsy shop. (If I'm going to sell it, I probably won't show you how to make it. Sorry in advance, but I'm sure you understand.)

Well, my team just lost. Miserably. Perfect timing. It's time for me to go to bed. Check you on the flip.


  1. I think you've done an incredible job. I'm quite speechless!

    Good for you!

  2. Looks really good. I can't even find the wires on the bathroom light fixture you mentioned.

    1. Thanks! The wires run along the undersides of the arms of the chandelier. I used brown wires to be a little less conspicuous. I guess it worked!

  3. I don't even know where to start. I just read your whole blog, but I think I'll go back and comment from the beginning. At first I thought that was a stripper pole in the livingroom/piano room, but now I see it's just a bad a$$ fire pole. Very cool. The photos are fantastic, I'm still trying to figure out my favorite room. Love it all!!

    Oh and sorry the Giants beat your Pats, again. D'oh!!! :D

    1. Bahahaha!!! Stripper pole!!! Now there's an idea I might run with... I have some of that brass left over. It would suit the master bedroom nicely, no?!

    2. I'm really looking forward to your grommet curtains and lighting tips! FYI, I hope you don't mind, I used some of your photos to gush about how much I love your blog, here's the post:

  4. Youve done a great job. Very interesting and fresh.I like the way you mix styles!Great blog! The Light fixures are devine!
    Neomi , minibloger.

  5. What a great house you made! Very inspiring too :-)

    Hugs Jollie

  6. Just lovin' all your lights.

    Can I borrow your Mom for maybe a month. Soft furnishings are my walking-down-a-street-naked and lodging included and a nice visit to Ole Blighty *grins*

    1. Ha! I'm sure Mom would be delighted! I definitely didn't inherit her aptitude for sewing, she was such a big help. She's offered to do more... maybe if you send me your fabrics, I could slip it in with my projects :)

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cluster light! Is it somehow wired together so that there is one plug?

    1. Thank you, thank you! I wire all of my ceiling fixtures to cir-kit chandelier adapters. That way I can plug them in without wires showing, and the canopy is flush with the ceiling. Looks more realistic, I think. I could make most of my fixtures 'plug-in' fixtures with longer wires, but not the cluster. There are 7 bulbs wired to a single two-prong adapter. I was so nervous, and there were definitely some touch-and-go moments during construction. If you haven't seen it, in the post before this one there's a picture from beneath it, all lit up. One of my proudest dollhousing moments :)

    2. I'd like to try to make a similar one. Did you just twist the wired together to wire it to the adapter?

  8. Replies
    1. Yeah, sorry. That's what I was getting at. Repeatedly. Never tried a comment reply from my (supposedly smart) phone before, and I guess I won't be doing it again :) Thanks for the heads-up.

      Also, thinking back on it, I did have to do a bit of adapter modification to fit all of the wires (as in, make the holes for the plug pins bigger). You'll see what I mean when you get that hunk of wires twisted up!

  9. Hi! I am also planning on making lighting to put up on etsy, so we may be competitors. I have the same clear beads with white swirls. Did you get yours in the fashion district? That's where I got mine. So, you may choose to not answer this, but where did you get your ceiling caps? Are they from b******o********.nl?

    My fixtures will largely be battery powered, although I have done a custom electrified version of one lamp.

    Also, tutorial on brass bathroom chandelier, please! It looks like most of the pieces are from the above website, but where did the shades come from?