Monday, January 2, 2012

I'm a giant... the aftermath

So. I've finally mustered-up the strength to start talking about my dollhouse again. I've been speechless (blog-wise) for a couple weeks. Here's my sob-story...
I have been taking the challenge pretty seriously. I devoted every moment that I wasn't sleeping or working to getting it done. I skipped family functions, meals, and sleep in the process. On the day of the deadline, I realized I wasn't going to finish. Not even close. However, instead of throwing in the towel, I pressed on until almost 3am on the 16th, Just so I would have something to submit. Something to show for weeks worth of tireless effort. I took horrendous last-minute pictures and frantically loaded them into this post. You can even see towards the end of it that I was fading fast. I clicked 'Publish", and crawled to bed. I woke up 3.5 hours later for my job. I checked my email to find that some kind soul had already commented... "Just in time for the challenge to be extended!"

I died ten times, right there on the couch. Then I put on my big-girl panties and went to work. Initial knee-jerk reaction was complete horror, followed by soothing calm. Because in the end, I got exactly what I wanted. More time to fully execute my original plans. I just wish we had been notified sooner, so that maybe I could have worked on Christmas stuff, you know, in time for Christmas. I gave more than a few IOU's this Christmas, and that is a pretty sucky feeling. Ok, I'm done bitching now.

Since I had to look at this mess for a while, so do you. Here's a few pictures of my craft-palace on the morning of December 16th. Thought you might enjoy seeing the aftermath of extreme-deadline-crafting. A panoramic montage...


(That imposing lamp was brought in solely for lighting some of the pictures. I think it's the only thing in that room that doesn't belong there.)

So many layers of shit. I narrowly escaped alive.

During cleanup I found out that I have at least this many adhesives. Probably fine.

And... the only dollhouse related thing I did over Christmas:

I made this in less than 20 minutes, out of 4 pieces (of 2 materials), for under $1.00. Three holiday twigs from Michael's, and some gold bowmaking wire. It's about 7 inches tall. Perfect.

I took it easy (only for lack of motivation) over New Year's weekend. I did conjure up some accessories though.
I threw together some toiletries using beads I had on hand. I have an unreasonable amount of beads on hand since jewelry was my primary craft until the dollhouse moved in and started throwing elbows. I tried to just use the cheapie beads, plastic/glass and such. Expensive specialty beads need to be jewelry that gets sold to make money to feed my dollhouse habit (or they can be brass pendant lights in tiny kitchens, rules were made to be broken). I think it cost about $1 to make these 9 bottles. Not too shabby.

 The nail polish bottles kill me.

Also made some books/newspapers for the study. These were FREE!!! Check out, they've got a ton of free printables. I printed out some cereal boxes, a tiger rug, and some lampshade patterns (not sure if I'll use them, but they were free). They have way more than that.
For the books: the singles are wrapped around pieces of wood I cut to size and painted too look like gold/silver edged pages. The encyclopedia sets are folded, glued, and are meant to be hollow. Since I'm a bull in a china shop, I cut some foam to size and pushed it in before I glued it shut for some insurance against me crushing them. I'm like the Hulk.

Newspapers are just folded in half and tacked together with a gluestick.

So obviously what I've done over the past 2-3 weeks hasn't amounted to much. Pssh, whatever... I've got until February 1 now!


  1. I love the little nail polish jars! and the Christmas tree too.

  2. I'm so jealous of your craft room. or whole first floor was a disaster until I donated half the junk in or guest room to make room for the dollhouse up there.
    my bookshelves are filled with there same books from printmini, love that site! and your little bottles are so cute.

  3. I'm on the jealous boat with Christina. I wish I had your craft room.

    Here's me on Dec 15th up until 4:30am trying to finish the house, sigh, I did not hear about the extension until after. I really could have used the sleep.

    Not finished yet but here are my posts along the way:

    I still haven't recovered yet. Trying to get back into it, but with no firm deadline and the silence from the original 8 participants, I haven't gotten motivated yet. I do plan to finish, just not sure when.

    Good luck on finishing your house.