Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I'm a Giant... extension, please?!

Although I'd really love another month to wrap this dollhouse up, I'd settle for one more measly weekend. Alas, the deadline is Thursday, as in this Thursday. And I'm dying about it. I'm starting to cut corners, and say horrendous things like 'good enough'. I hate 'good enough'. There are projects I won't finish, I'm just having a hard time deciding which ones to scrap. I think I know how they felt on Trading Spaces when the time was almost up and people are running and scrambling and it's a total shitshow. Anyways. I guess I'm just wishing that this challenge had started after Christmas, you know, in those 3 months where it's wicked cold and there's nothing else to do but crafts. Exactly. I knew you'd understand. 

So here's some last minute progress pics (I've been too busy working on the thing to actually post about it):
Cutting custom trim for crooked walls.
Upside down. Whoops. Someone call Lionel Richie, because we're dancing on the ceiling.
Exterior window, almost finished. Real glass. It took the kid at the hardware store an hour to cut 7 pieces this size. He was adorable.
A lot has happened that you probably won't notice until the end. But... know that it took me a whole weekend to put in baseboards and door casings. And another weekend to frame in the windows. I wasn't paying for windows I could make myself. In hindsight, I should've just bought the damned things. Time is money. I'll end up making/putting in the window-pane-grid-thingys someday. Was the trim necessary? Nope. But it's little details like that that really make it look awesome in the end. Once all the wallpaper is in, you'll actually notice my painstaking trim work. Like this:
I try really hard to make the patterns on the paper match up so you can't see seams. Pain in the ass.

Yep, the fire pole is currently out of service, but with a flick of my wrist it's good to go. That wallpaper is ridiculous. The line you see is a shadow, not a seam. Swear.

A few more light fixtures are made:
I love how this ceiling fixture came out. It's a take-out condiment cup from the burrito place in town (so is the shade on the floor lamp). I hand sewed the mini pompom trim, wrapped the cup in white parchment, threw some paint on the rim, and the wire is hidden in a wrapped paper bead. Super cute.

The wainscotting in the nursery is coming along slow. Just got those 3 pieces in last night.
And some plants:

I might not be able to get the kitchen cabinets made by the deadline, so I'm (most likely) going to make some convincing falsies out of cardboard for the challenge and replace them with working wood cupboards as I find more time.

Still on the to-do list...

kitchen cabinets
loft bed
accent chairs (2-3)
bathroom sconces (2)
ceiling fixtures (2)
end tables

kids room
living room

window treatments (all rooms)
bedding (two beds)
area rugs

coffee table
kitchen chair(s)
sofa (needs legs/feet)
wainscotting/chair rails (two rooms)

In all my free time, I'd like to work out a rooftop patio as well.



  1. Oh...can I jump on the extension bandwagon too? My list is almost as long as yours...I still have a full story of flooring to install! EEK. What am I doing reading this instead of carpeting tiny bedrooms????

  2. It's going to look great all together.
    I've been wanting a rooftop deck on mine as well...maybe someday. I'm only about 50% done with my house.

  3. i thought i was the only one asking for an extension. i have a feeling that Mrs. Emily will not post anything tomorrow, she has been out of town. I won't be finished until maybe after the weekend.