Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Life just got a whole lot easier.

It's my birthday. I just opened presents. And I'm totally freaking out. 
Any other miniature maker would likely flip their lid.

After going overboard on presents like I told him not to, in true husbandly fashion, he ignored me.
Last week he came home with an early present, told me he didn't want to wrap it.
 I have no idea why.

And then tonight I come home to these:

A new ski jacket, down vest, fleece pullover, and real muck boots. Ridiculous.

But the last present...
Ooooh, the last one's a doozie.

Sent me over the edge.


He's my hero. I've been talking/wishing/dreaming/drooling about this thing for a year.
I might still have a stroke.
I'm old now, after all.

Also going on:

Slowly but surely, the fireplace is coming along. So damned tedious. It might not be done for the cubebot challenge like I had hoped.
Which, note to self... is due by Saturday.

 And then there's these shady characters. 
I bought some plastic animals at Hobby Lobby, then promptly decapitated them. Wouldn't want to get too attached...

People try to sell a dollhouse deerhead for ridiculous prices. How's about I make one for $5? Two for under $10?! 
Don't threaten me with a good time. 
I went traditional New England with the deer and the moose. It only seemed right. I haven't decided if I'll white lacquer one of them, or leave them both au naturel.

 I'll mount these classy gentlemen on hardwood plaques with some leather trim.

Mighty nice.

I'm the luckiest girl ever. 
The cake is calling. Priorities.

Talk real soon. Maybe even show some finished products. Whoa.


  1. Ohoooo!! Did you really get a band saw, circular saw and those clothes!! Wow, lucky you. My dad has a full size circular saw, I could use that, but I'm terrified of it. Somehow the smaller one seems more safe (which I know it's not).

  2. It's only right to be spoiled rotten on your Birthday. Man, I would be doing cartwheels down the street too with all those goodies. Hope you had a good Birthday =0)

  3. what lovely birthday pressies you got, you are going to have fun with the tools, happy birthday

  4. What a lucky girl! You will lllllloooooovvvvveeeee the Proxxon table saw. I couldn't live without mine! Not to mention Proxxon has the most amazing customer service if you ever have a problem.

  5. Lucky girl, indeed! What a great husband you have. :D You're already so great at building mini things, I can't imagine what you'll be able to do now!

  6. Happy Birthday!!!! Your mister is simply the best. Well deserved spoils. Hope the cake was yummy too.

  7. Happy birthday Meagan....ooh aah even I couldn't pick the best present!

  8. Happy Hippity Hoppy Birthday! You have gotta love folks who love you and know how to show it. What an awesome haul you have, enjoy your cake and looking forward to what you make with your new toys. Meanwhile my scroll saw seems to have grown a web (photos will go on my blog) but I swear I will use it again soon ;)

  9. Imagine that finding your blog on your birthday. Oops, it's 2 days later. Still, happy birthday! Love the gifts, I also have the table saw and it's great. If you want more info on miniature woodworking have a look on Elga's blog and on Karin Corbin's blog

    Idske (

  10. congratulation! I want a training how to work with these! I always am jealous of people who can!

  11. Animal decapitation! Nicely executed.

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