Thursday, October 4, 2012

Project Roombox

I'm back! Yo.

Thank you for your patience, I hope you all had a lovely summer.

I've heard about a few upcoming *gasp*... challenges. My skin crawled at the mere reading of the word. But these come from really cool, trustworthy, tried-and-true mini bloggers. So I'll gladly participate, hope you consider. The first one that's officially on the books is from Call of the Small!

This is an item-specific challenge, but these things are really cool. Trust me, you'll want (more than) one. The cubebots are sold by AREAWARE, and are reasonably priced. On top of that, AREAWARE is giving a site-wide discount to participants (details here). I've ordered mine, and I'm looking forward to playing around with them. Like any 80's kid with a Transformer, my inner child squeals with delight at a big-girls version: real hardwood quality construction, a dude that doesn't talk back, and becomes furniture...) I got shipping confirmation in my inbox moments ago. Tuesday, baby. The deadline for submission of photos is December 1. So if you're in, don't procrastinate.

Also, it looks like Modern Mini Houses is planning a 'free samples challenge'. Date to be determined. I've been starting to collect things that I think qualify as free-samples. The challenge is to create a scene using free samples in however way you interpret. Awesome. Free is my favorite price.

For both of these challenges, aside from a few necessities, such as 7 of these:...

(So as to get the free shipping, and the 20% coupon. These will make great stocking stuffers for the nephews and nieces, if I decide I ever want to give them up. Not likely.)

...I will be attempting not to spend any extra money. I have a very well stocked craft room, and I need a lesson in appreciating what I have, instead of splurging on what I want. I will only purchase additional supplies if absolutely necessary, or unreasonably cheap

But alas, woe is me. Wherever will I create these scenes for challenges? Surely not the dollhouse. Only one unfinished room, and a horror show to photograph. I don't even want to think about it.
"I must fashion a roombox!" I exclaimed out-loud to myself. I've got a ton of supplies. I'm sure with minimal funds I can make something to suit quick change scenes, and also display products for the impending Etsy shop. It'll have to be so specific to my needs and aesthetic that I can't simply kit-bash something. It'll be home-designed and made.This will be my first task of the season, and I'll walk you through my process in case you decide such a structure is necessary. I'll explain and report any expenses, give how-to's, techniques, and show you how lucky I am at getting free stuff. It's unfair.

Above is a quick sampling of items I'll likely use, and below, the newest addition to the craft stash.

 Free fabric scraps from a quilter-friend! Psych!

I really hope this hoarding habit will pay off here... 

Let the games begin.


  1. YAY! So glad you are inspired to participate! You are raring to go, you sassy girl! GOOD LUCK!

    1. Thanks! I'm super excited, this one should be tough :)

  2. I love your blog and can't wait to see your challenge entries.

    Please tell me what that thing is that you've stored your dowels and bass wood sheets on? It looks like the storage solution I've been needing! I'd love to see more shots of your workspace if you felt so inclined! :)

    Thank you!

    1. Hello, and welcome!

      The 'wood caddy' as I call it was a homemade storage solution to a desperate problem. I really wanted an organized lumber-yard-on-wheels so I could see exactly what I had for strip wood/planks. I used kitchen organizers and carving blocks and threw it all together. There are more pics of it in this post:

      And there are a bunch of craft room pictures throughout the blog. You'll see them scattered everywhere. Try clicking on the 'craft palace' label button on the right hand side of the screen. I think that will give you the most. It's changed a bit since my last entry regarding the overhaul of said craft room, so I'll try to get some fresh ones on here soon! Thanks for hanging out with me :)

  3. whoo hooo, more fun I can't wait to see how this turns out...I can't join you cause I've got about 3 projects that I'm working (which means Im sitting around watching TV and then posting on blog comments cause Im too lazy to work..if I had to depend on myself for food I'd starve to death)

    anyway it's good to see you back blogging again :)

    Marisa :)

    1. Bummer! I've got a pile of projects that have been awaiting my lazy ass for months. Sometimes the couch needs me. Sounds like you understand :) Enjoy the blogs, work can wait.

      Thanks for the warm welcome back, more to come soon!

  4. Sweet!!! I'll try to post the challenge this weekend, just have to gather up a few more freebie sites. Stoked you're back in action, now I've got to get off my Emily butt and wrap up swap. SORRY!!

    1. Awesome! And no hurry on posting the challenge. I didn't want to pressure you, just letting peeps know that a fun free challenge would be comin' on down the line, too :)
      Regarding the deadline... can you just let me know when the third and final deadline will be? Thanks, Em. HAHAHA!

      I've got my work cut out for me with this roombox. It's going to be beefy. I hope it comes out alright. Fingers crossed, it's getting started today.

    2. I love beef.

      I swear it will be worth the wait. The delays will make sense when I blog the evolution of the main thing I've been working on. I will gladly ruin the surprise and send you a sneak peek or keep making you hold your breath. Your choice. :P

    3. Of course it will be worth the wait! I'm really looking forward to it, and I think I want to wait for the surprise :) Those are so few and so sweet at my old age... especially fun ones. My latest 'surprise' at home was dog vs. porcupine on Sunday night, so, you can imagine.

    4. OUCH!!!!! Poor pooch. Hope it all worked out.

  5. So glad you are back (Yo back atcha!)
    Looking forward to seeing what you get up to.

    Just as a coincidence... just saw this entry on making roomboxes from picture frames
    might be useful for you or other readers.

    PS My StackaLack got stacked and am actually working on 1:12 scale dollhouse at the moment but still going on the 1:6 scale roomboxes...